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Rapala Sportsman`S 13 Fiskeveske

Fiskeveske fra Rapala
kr 199,00 kr 299,00


This extra big carrying bag offers enormous space for the storage of lures and supplies. The bag is delivered including 2 big tackle boxes of 36x22.5x5.5cm and one extra tall soft plastic lure box of 36x22.5x8.5cm. The tall box can store extra big soft plastic lures which do not fit into flat lure boxes.
kr 799,00

Rapala Sportsman`S 12 Fiskeveske

Klassisk fiskeveske / bag fra Rapala. To store frontlommer og ett hovedrom.
kr 289,00

Rapala Sportsman`S 31 Fiskebag 2011

Stor fiskebag med stort hovedrom.
kr 369,00

Savage Gear System Box Bag XL 3 Boxes +Waterproof cover (25x67x46cm)

The Savage Gear Lure luggage is a comprehensive range of luggage, developed and designed by anglers for anglers. Loaded with practical features and practical solutions.
kr 699,00 kr 1 299,00

Simms Dry Creek Hip Pack Gunmetal (utgående modell)

Waterproof 10L waistpack powered by intuitive fishing features.
kr 899,00 kr 1 499,00

Simms Dry Creek Z Backpack Charcoal (utgående modell)

100% Vanntett dagstursekk med 25L kapasitet.
kr 1 799,00 kr 2 699,00

Simms Waypoints Hip Pack Small Gunmetal (utgående modell)

Lightweight, hardworking hip pack with intuitive features for fishing gear on the go.
kr 549,00 kr 999,00
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