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Loon Dual Zinger

Dobbel retractor av høy kvalitet.
kr 169,00

Loon Foam Tip Topper Orange (3-pack)

Strips of foam are fastened together to create an indicator buoyant enough to keep even the heaviest flies from sinking.
kr 59,00

Loon Grafitolin Ferrule Wax

LOON OUTDOORS Grafitolin Ferrule Wax
kr 59,00

Loon Henry"s Sinket

Flies treated with Henry’s Sinket quickly break surface tension and rapidly drop in the water column to where the fish are. It helps nymphs get deep, where they roll along the bottom as naturally dislodged nymphs would. It’s especially effective on streamers, getting flies down on the first cast rather than waiting until the materials become saturated. Henry’s Sinket is completely biodegradable.
kr 59,00

Loon Hydrostop

Hydrostop permanently treats new flies with a floatant. Coming in a conveniently large container hundreds of flies can be treated, dozens at a time. Flies allowed to soak for 5 minutes and then dried overnight will float higher when they are used. Perfect for yarn-type indicators as well as pre-treating dubbing.
kr 89,00

Loon Large Caddy

The Large Caddy is the combination of the small and medium caddies. Now Aquel and Top Ride, or any combination of 1/2 oz and 2 oz Loon Products, are kept together for easy use.
kr 119,00

Loon Line Speed

Positively the best line cleaner, conditioner, and UV block for fly lines. By cleaning, adding a slickness, filling in imperfections and protecting lines from the sun, Line Speed allows lines to cast farther and last longer. Unlike most line cleaners, Line Speed doesn’t leave a sticky, dirt gathering silicone fluid coating. Apply with Loon’s Line Cleaning Tool and let sit overnight.
kr 99,00

Loon Line Up Kit

Best fly line cleaning available
kr 189,00
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