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Hornady Ap Primer Pocket Swage Tool Ap (308/7.62X51 Only)

Designed to be used on the Lock-N-Load® AP™ press, the Lock-N-Load® AP™ Primer Pocket Swage Tool comes with shell plate and dies for feed, swage, and eject to make your job easier.
kr 1 599,00

Hornady Bullet Comparator Comparator Body & 6 Inserts

Comparator body and 6 bullet inserts for bullet diameters: .224" (5.56mm), .243" (6mm), .257," .277," .284" (7mm), .308" (7.62 & 8mm)
kr 489,00

Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Cutter

Hornady Cam Lock Trimmer Cutter
kr 289,00

Hornady Case Prep Duo

Make quick work of various reloading chores with this cordless, rechargeable multifunction tool that accommodates case neck brushes, primer pocket cleaners, and chamfer/deburr accessories.
kr 849,00

Hornady Dangerous Game 458 Win 500 Gr Dgx Bonded

Hornady® manufactures Dangerous Game™ Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control measures. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter.
kr 81,90
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