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    Acme 504 Predator Warbler

    kr 79,00
    Skadet fugl/dyrelyd

    Acme 505 Predator Call

    kr 129,00
    Excellent at mimicking the distressed sounds that will attract a predator. With a little practice this call will both project the sound over a great distance, but can then be muffled to bring the predator in close.

    Acme 506 Hardwood Hareskrik Rabbit Squeal

    kr 199,00
    Traditional English rabbit call made of beech wood, with great range.

    Acme 507 Hardwood Predator Call

    kr 199,00
    High volume for distance. With sensitive reed for giving easy control for quieter, muffled cries and those last few yards.

    ALLEN 1200LB HEAVY DUTY GAMBREL Slakteskrev krok

    kr 220,00
    Slakteskrev fra Allen.

    Allen 3 Color Face Paint

    kr 129,00

    Allen Basic Patronholder Kolbe Rifle

    kr 99,00
    Patronholder til kolben for riflepatroner.

    Allen Patronholder Rifle With Cover Rifle

    kr 199,00
    Patronholder til kolben med beskyttelse. For rifle.

    Ansmann X-Power AA Batterier LR6PPG 4BP

    kr 39,00
    High quality alkaline cell for a long operating period The X-Power Alkaline mignon AA batteries are characterized by their high performance They are particularly suitable for high drain devices like digital cameras and flash units as well as for permanent use in toys and audio equipment Very good price / performance ratio

    Belisle Pince Trap Setter Felletang Med Sikring

    kr 449,00
    Fellesetter fra Belisle! Spenner fellene på en trygg og effektiv måte!

    Belisle Slagfelle Trap 110 SX

    kr 199,00
    Belisle er en kraftig og solid slagfelle av topp kvalitet!

    Belisle Slagfelle Trap 120 SX

    kr 209,00
    Belisle er en kraftig og solid slagfelle av topp kvalitet!


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