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Abu Garcia Victis 6´2" XH -150g Jerk 2Pcs

Nyhet 2019!
kr 999,00 kr 1 499,00

Savage Gear SALT 1DFR Pop n Stick 7'9'' 234cm 40-80g - 2sec

Perfect length for working Popper and Stick baits, superb for bigger and stronger predator fish, like Tuna and GT’s
kr 1 199,00 kr 1 799,00

W3 Powercast 8'3"/251 cm XXH 40-130 g 2 sec.

The action and characteristics of these rods are designed to meet the demands of Scandinavian predator anglers. These rods are designed for fixed spool reels when fishing lures, shads, spinner baits or even live baits for huge pikes. They feature the finest Japanese 'TORAY' High Performance Carbon for superior action and casting.
kr 1 399,00
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