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Savage Gear MPP2 7'3" 221cm Trigger 20-60g - 2sec

The most comprehensive Modern Lure and predator fishing rod series we ever made! Covering all types of modern lure fishing, from swimbaits, jerk baits, soft lures and big lure trolling! All high modulus carbon fiber blanks, with perfect action and balance – designed by Anglers for Anglers!
kr 999,00

Savage Gear SALT 1DFR Pop n Stick 7'9'' 234cm 40-80g - 2sec

Perfect length for working Popper and Stick baits, superb for bigger and stronger predator fish, like Tuna and GT’s
kr 1 799,00

Westin W4 Powershad 8'/240 cm MH 15-40 g 2 sec.

The bastard son of our much-praised Dynamic Series, this perfectly-formed little beast uses high-quality Japanese TORAY carbon to give you the response speed of a rattlesnake. What's more, it's more sensitive than a Scotsman with a grudge, so you'll feel absolutely everything. Perfectly-designed for casting shads but just as good at launching wobblers from boat or shore.
kr 2 039,00 kr 2 399,00
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