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    Kinetic Classic Hip Wader Bootfoot Dark Green

    kr 399,00
    These Kinetic hip waders are sometimes just what you need! They are extremely durable, waterproof and will last for years to come. Made from high quality materials and clips easily onto your belt. These hip waders are very popular among fresh water anglers fishing in rivers. An absolute favorite among duck hunters. Easy to transport as they can be compacted and low in weight.

    Kinetic DryGaiter Breathable Wader St. Foot Dusty green

    kr 799,00
    We are always striving to get most value for money. On the other hand, we don't want to make any compromises. DryGaiter is a result of this philosophy. The camo design is outstanding and the waders come in 11 different sizes. One will fit you for sure. A truly modern wader, with a high breathability and great comfort.

    Kinetic Sabiki Cod/Pollock/Torsk/Sei/Sej Blue/Glimmer

    kr 27,30 kr 39,00
    Torsk og sei er aldri redde for stort agn - dette er agnet som kan være det som gir deg din neste drømmefisk!

    Kinetic Sabiki Mohawk Feather Red 80cm/0,60mm/0,45mm #2

    kr 27,30 kr 39,00
    Feathers have a magical impact on most species of fish. Mackerel is a big fan of feathers, especially if they are in their favorite colours. The way the feathers flutter in the water make these rigs irresistible. Even cod will be tempted by this line of rigs.

    Kinetic Sabiki Multi Beads Selection 1000pcs

    kr 111,30 kr 159,00
    Many anglers just want to give their rig that special appearance. Now you have an excellent chance pimping your own rigs. Only the imagination sets the limit, when choosing from the 1000 different beads, which you are offered in this great selection. Some of the beds are soft and some harder. Many different sizes.


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