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    Hornady 22 Wmr 30 Gr V-Max

    kr 3,89
    Super ammunisjon til din 22 WMR

    Hornady 30 Cal Conversion kit For Rifle Bullet Feeder

    kr 1 799,00
    Ombyggningsett for kulemater fra 22 cal til 30 cal

    Hornady Action Pistol Bullets (500 Count Boxes) 9Mm .355 124 Gr Fmj-Rn 500

    kr 2,09
    Hornady® FMJ handgun bullets have long served as a standard for target shooting applications. Hornady® FMJ bullets are built with a rugged jacket and the difference in performance is clear. The thinly plated full metal jacket from other manufacturers is easily distorted and often breaks or separates when the bullet impacts the target.

    Hornady A-Max Seating Stem 22 Cal .224

    kr 192,90
    These seating stems are designed to fit Hornady® Custom Grade™ Dies, and are machined to fit the profile of the A-MAX® and FTX® bullets to seat them as precisely as possible without damaging bullets. (Not compatible with other manufacturers’ dies.)


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