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Acme 504 Predator Warbler

Skadet fugl/dyrelyd
kr 79,00

Acme 505 Predator Call

Excellent at mimicking the distressed sounds that will attract a predator. With a little practice this call will both project the sound over a great distance, but can then be muffled to bring the predator in close.
kr 129,00

Acme 506 Hardwood Hareskrik Rabbit Squeal

Traditional English rabbit call made of beech wood, with great range.
kr 199,00

Acme 507 Hardwood Predator Call

High volume for distance. With sensitive reed for giving easy control for quieter, muffled cries and those last few yards.
kr 199,00

Brunst Andelokk

kr 299,00
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