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Remington Rem® Oil & Shotgun Cleaner 10 oz. & 18 oz. aerosols

Olje og rens til hagle fra Remington
kr 299,00

Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black 3 Oz

Birchwood Casey Aluminium Black liquid can be applied at room temperature to blacken aluminium parts. Used by gunsmiths and industry specialists to restore scratched and marred areas. Excellent for blackening name plates, plaques, castings, sculptures and other home, workshop and hobby uses. Colour varies depending on alloy and can be highlighted if desired. Apply to thoroughly cleaned metals that are free of rust.
kr 249,00

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue 2 Oz Paste Tube

Reacts slowly with the metal but builds up a denser finish that will outlast the liquid blues
kr 139,00 kr 199,00

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue 3 Oz

Birchwood Casey offers you the best ways to touch up scratches and worn spots or even completely reblue most guns. It will give a non-streaky, even blue-black finish to steel (except stainless). Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue provides great blueing to metal that has already been thoroughly cleaned and is free of rust.
kr 249,00

Birchwood Casey Rust & Blue Remover 3 Oz

Removes rust and old blue easily and quickly without damaging the base metal. A necessary step before re-bluing or browning.
kr 90,00 kr 129,00

Birchwood Gun Stock Sheen & Conditioner 3oz

Gun Stock Sheen & Conditioner
kr 139,00 kr 149,00

Birchwood Gun Stock Wax 3oz

Gun Stock Voks
kr 139,00 kr 149,00

Hornady Lubes, Cleaners & Polishes One Shot Gun Cleaner 5.0 Oz

Hornady® One Shot® with DynaGlide Plus® is a revolutionary formula developed to prevent firearm malfunctions caused by a buildup of lubricants and grime.
kr 149,00
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